21 Jan 2013

( Shining A Light From Above )

As a Interior Architect, one of the first things I was taught, alongside creating forms within a building (space planning), was using light! Light is so so important to any design. Light creates personality, character and can change the mood or a space instantly!
Most natural lighting enters a space through our windows casting certain shadows depending on where the sun is in the sky. This post is about optimising light through the use of light entering a space from above. Some of the spaces featured in this post use the ceiling forms as well as natural light to create fantastic shadows through the space, which is what this design element is all about.
Companies such as VELUX® have a great range of Skylight windows including VELUX roof windows, VELUX flat roof windows, and instant window balconies called CABRIO® Balcony, as well as great window treatments such as blinds etc which you can see over at veluxblindsdirect.co.uk.

I just love how the light cascades down through the unusual skylight in the two images above. In the first of the two images, the form of the skylight together with the angled walls, create great tones and interesting geometric patterns... It's really lovely!

This skylight is fab. I love the way it really pulls you through the space through the hidden skylight which shines onto the steps and through into the next room.

Skylights even work in traditional and industrial spaces too... Just look at the interior above. This beautiful iron door continues up into the ceiling allowing more light to enter this great space. It works really well as the material and style for the door, window and skylight for a perfect relationship with each other and their surrounding. Structure and internal deco working in perfect harmony. I hope you like the images. 

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  1. That first pic, is just wow! You have the best of everything, beautiful beams, beautiful ceiling and beautiful light. Thanks for sharing!


Thank you so much for your comment. I will try to respond to any comments and questions as soon as I can. Happy viewing :)

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