14 Jul 2011

( white, simple and stunning )

What else is there to say... these images are exactly what the title suggests... white, simple and stunning!
Please see notes under each image.

Loving the contrast between the clean white shutters and the rustic panels :)

Loving the contrast between the bleached natural framework and the pure white walls

Loving the purity and comfortable ambiance of this room :)

Lovely light and airy beach house bedroom :)

Loving the low window and in this room... you don't need anything else... but a bed :)

Balcony door to what you hope to be a perfect view... :)

Images via Room269 & The Snogger


  1. White is a safe assumption for a lovely interior - it is so refreshing and clean. Adding just hints of colours (I think of cushions, a vase, flowers...) underlines one's personality...great post!

  2. Stunning interior architecture and minimal, yet pleasing decor. #win! PS We've created the contrast of the color (white and oak) on our shutters -- sort of by accident and we get so many compliments on them!

  3. My favorite is the fifth one! What’s fascinating is the idea of painting everything white, while exuding a very elegant and bizarre ambiance. The hinged window really contributes to the brightness of the room, since it welcomes in great amount of natural light. =)


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