19 Jul 2011

( window and doors )

One of my many image folders on my laptop is a folder dedicated to windows and doors. I have a thing for beautiful well made windows and door, as I feel that they offer such an important role in the design of any space... they are what frame an amazing view, the first impression of a space when entering, a part of the wall decor, and what ties the interior with the exterior!
These are my favourites.

Window 1: Arched Steel Framed window :)
Window 2: Small arched steel framed window :)
Window 3: Old worn timber :)


Door 1: Warn steel and glass door with worn steel architrave :) 
Door 2: Steel and glass door given a great sense of power by the large architrave 
Door 3: Yes... another steel door. But just stunning :)

Images Via:
Window 1: Beautiful House
Window 2: Beautiful House
Window 3: Flickr by Generoso Mrack
Door 1: Personal scan from Elle Decoration
Door 2: Auster Chic
Door 3: Remodelista


  1. My favorite is the arched steel framed window! I love its sophisticated design. It welcomes in a huge amount of natural light to a room, thus setting a bright mood. =)

  2. I agree with you, Roxie. Huge windows mean a wide range of view outside. What I especially love about this photo is the perfect placement of the arched steel framed window. It’s positioned in front of a garden, thus not only permitting natural light, but also fresh air in! =)

  3. A gallery of steel doors and windows - this is so sweet! To me, these types of windows and doors are like a combination of style and quality. As you can see, they seem to be the most noticeable things in the room or area. You won’t go wrong with those since they can last for years and even decades. With a bit of creativity on painting, these will look even gorgeous!

  4. I love the old timber windows! It definitely provides enough privacy to your home while providing a good outside view. Simple and practical, indeed! =)

  5. Some people say that large steel frame doors and windows are just for industrial buildings and big factories. But from the photos you collected, steel frames can look good even if they are used for homes. Steel frames are known for being durable, but some people don’t know that they could even have an aesthetic effect when used with creativity.

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Thank you so much for your comment. I will try to respond to any comments and questions as soon as I can. Happy viewing :)

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