12 Sep 2011

( George Nakashima - furniture by nature )

After doing a bit of research following my last post, (stunning long island barn house), which featured a beautiful chair by George Nakashima, I just had to post about this amazing furniture design company. George Nakashima was born in Spokane, Washington in 1905 and grew up in the forests of the Olympic Peninsula. Since 1990 Mira Nakashima has extended the tradition of the George Nakashima Studio not only by producing the classic and traditional lines, but by continuing the evolution of new design solutions by way of her new line, the Keisho Collection.

'Their approach is based on direct experience - a way of life and development outward from an inner core; something of the same process that nature uses in the creation of a tree - with one addition, the aspiration of man to produce the wonder and beauty of his potentialities - no "statements," no "pillars of design," no personal expression, no frivolity, but an outlook both severe and spontaneous.'
I just think their furniture is not only very well designed and crafted, but every piece is gorgeous and wouldn't look out of place in any interior. Below are just a few examples of my favourite pieces.

  Images via George Nakashima


  1. love the warm feel of these pieces. I saw a Nakashima piece featured on "Antiques Roadshow" recently here in the US. It was beautiful. The owner's mother was a friend of Nakashima, and of course, was blown away with the appraised value...

    great post! donna

  2. Simple and gorgeous. Love the atmosphere in no 1.

    x C

  3. Thanks for following my pins on Pinterest. I got curious and came to visit your blog. These are some great chairs. He looks inspired by the Finnish Tapiovaara designs. I like the fact that you can see the joints (< how do you spell that?).

  4. Can I include it in my furniture collection?

  5. Yeah... Go ahead :) They do amazing furniture don't they :)

  6. All furniture is wonder design is modern and many colors to be. It's more design provide wonder.

  7. yes the home maker news provide i know more information gather from this site.

  8. This wooden stuff looks so elegant because of its glossy surface rather than doomy and sturdy surfaces that wooden material usually have.


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