16 Feb 2012

( at home with Tanja Jänicke )

I just love this home - Interior designer, Tanja Jänicke prides herself on simple, beautiful and functional design... and her home is a perfect example of this. Tanja's beautiful 130 square metre Helsinki home, boasts high ceilings and large original windows for that all important natural light... this is the perfect blank canvas for so many Interior Designers.
The white, black and natural palette in her home works so well to create a fresh, bright and comfortable place to sleep, relax, entertain and live. The large table below is the perfect piece of furniture for her regular dinner parties! The contrast between this large dining table and the white walls and floor is incredible and really draws your eye to those very cool logs stacked so perfectly in the corner. The logs are used for the wonderfully modern open fire... They are almost like an art installation in their own right.
I hope you love this home as much as I do :)

Images via: Bolig Magasinet


  1. I totally love this appartement and it's neutral but so inviting colour scheme. The wodden floors and massive natural light are really amazing.
    For me the kitchen is definitly one of the highlights among many others of course...

  2. Everything looks great against whitewashed floorboards...love them!

  3. Love this space... those robots are the best! Thanks for sharing and have a terrific Thursday.

  4. Love this home, seen it a couple times today and the images get better every time!
    x kat

  5. Oh my! I love everything about this place. Thanks for sharing :) Xx.

  6. Tanja Jänicke is a fantastic architect.
    She never compromises on aesthetics,
    so the outcome is always real joy for soul.
    She lives in Helsinki, but her office: "työhuone15" works internationally. See: www.tyohuone15.fi


Thank you so much for your comment. I will try to respond to any comments and questions as soon as I can. Happy viewing :)

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