27 Nov 2011

( bedrooms with a view )

Check out these fantastic bedrooms... not only are they beautifully designed, but have equally beautiful views. Both images portray how the surrounding environments has such an influence over the design, which any great designer would naturally take into consideration. The modern woody and luxurious cabin design of image one sits perfectly in its setting, over looking the picture perfect vast woodland. The bright and open design of image two also compliments it's surroundings with the cozy fireplace wall... It's almost like the rock-face in the distance has become infused with the interior... Me likey :)

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  1. I'm a mountaign person, but I will love to be the lucky owner of room #2! the view,the floor, the stone and the fireplace, when can I move in?

  2. Stunning both of them, but I am with Romy - a mountain view is my preference too. I have always been happy on top of the world..! :)

    Darling, the weekend has come and gone, and I really do have to start the Xmas series. Any chance to get your lovely contribution in the next day?

    Lots of love from Sweden

    x Charlotta

  3. OMG let me have bedroom 2, I don't care if it comes without a kitchen or bathroom!

  4. shoot....see that nr 2 is already taken......;)


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