16 Nov 2011

( stunning home - imps & elfs )

This is the beautiful home of Imps & Elfs, Childrens fashion label owners. This Dutch home is simply breathtaking... yet another one of my future homes, hehehe... I wish! The mix of raw materials and sumptuous lighting makes this huge space feel so cozy and inviting. The use of beautifully made classic furniture alongside modern furniture makes this space exceptionally homely. To me, this is design perfection! This space really has been designed / renovated for purpose, and the space utilised to its best. One more thing... Windows! WOW! that is all I need to say on that matter! hehehe :)

Images via Sacramento Street


  1. Hi Stuart. Can I first say that you have one of the nicest design blogs I have ever come across. You have a new daily follower in me.
    Secondly, wow to this post. I want to live here too!
    Thanks for the inspirations

  2. oh my. stunning is right. I am amazed by this. What do you think they did on the ceilings there, with the curved grey (metal? concrete?) panels? I can't stop looking at the first image. The windows, the brick, the wood, the grey panels - is this heaven? Thanks for sharing ;)

  3. WOW! I can't even begin to describe how jealous I feel! What an incredible space! Just lovely!


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