17 Nov 2011

( aspen home - winter treat )

Whilst looking at one of my favourite blogs You are the River, I came across this beauty! I just had to do a post on it! I really really want to go skiing now! Do you think this owner will let me stay here for free (for a few months), hehehe.
The Alpine freshness of this interior is just amazing! The neutral tones and mix of materials are so refreshing and perfectly balanced throughout the property. I really love the curved darker timber tones on the ceiling. It really helps the space feel more comfortable in the cold but beautiful surrounding Alpine environment. The gorgeous furniture gives this home a true elegant crispness... and who needs wallpaper, or any wall art when you have fantastic large windows, framing views like that! I would choose these views over a Picasso any day :)

Images via Vogue


  1. This is gorgeous. If the owner allows you to live there for a few months, do you think I can live there the rest of the year ;)
    Thank you for sharing yet another great post.

  2. I would so love to take a holiday and stay here - those views and double height ceilings are amazing!

  3. Love this blog post and LOVE your new logo - perfect!

  4. Anna - Thank you, but I want it all to myself, hahaha.
    William - Get your sledge off Mary (@Peagreen98) and we'll go, hehehe.
    Igor - Thank you. I still think it needs tweeking! Looks to washed out... Might darken it slightly. Fancy a sledging holiday? haha

  5. I have been dreaming about this home. I know it's been posted a bunch but I think I need to post it myself! It makes me feel so warm and cozy!

  6. Wonderful!
    I read your post and dream with myself having a tea in that living while I´m watching that great views :)

    I hope you´ll like my new blog too

  7. That view is amazing.....and if you love this stuart I know another you will love...... I'll dig out the details! X

  8. Awwhh thank you Laura! That would be great if you could hun :)
    Stu x


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