28 Dec 2011

( home for Christmas )

So, Christmas is done for another year :( I hope you all had an amazing Christmas holiday with family and friends... I sure did. My Christmas was extra special this year with a new official addition to the family - my new Sister-in-law, Beccy (We love her to bits). We all had an amazing day filled with fun and so much laughter that my belly still hurts! It's my last day back up in the Midlands today before I venture back down to London in a few hours.
I will leave you with a few pics I took over Christmas - from my Mum and Dad's Christmas tree that she's so proud of (bless her), to our lovely annual Christmas woodland walk.

Prezzies :)

Festive table set for six :)

Neil playing Santa and handing out the prezzies :) Mum getting very excited :)

Dad in his Kitchen! He Loves it so much :)

Caught unexpecyed... hahaha, sorry Dad! :)

Me in my Santa onesy... My new favourite outfit! God, I look so tired!

Family walk in the woods :)

I love the colours in this photo :)

Very cool old tree! :)

Country view... so refreshing :)

Photography by me :)


  1. Looks like a great family get together. It's what Christmas is all about!

  2. Love this insight into your life, Stu! How cool are you in this Santa dress?? Next year's duty? I'd say more than clear:-) Have a great time home!

  3. there is room for some belly in that suit Stuart;)! And looking at aaaaallllll those lovely presents.....no bike??!?!?!?!?
    Back to real life..*sigh*


  4. Gerard - it sure is... I've just loved being home. Feel very relaxed and refreshed.
    Igor - haha! I love my new Santa pj's! Sooo cozy. Hope you had a lovely Christmas mate.
    Lynda - hahaha... Plenty of room for a belly I know... But by the end of the holiday season, I'm sure I will fill it! Hahaha. Then I can get a part time job as a ginger santa :)
    hope you all have a fantastic new year xxx

  5. Santa PJ's! So sweet! Your walk looks blissful, too! x

  6. i read you comment on another blog about a conversation you had with a friend recently. i just wanted to say well done, for being strong enough to talk about your feelings and i wish you good luck that things work out!
    xxx abba

  7. Great pics - I LOVE your woodland walk pics!! Thanks for sharing and thanks to YOU for creating such a lovely and inspiring online space. I hope you had a happy Xmas (it sure looks like you did!) and wishing you a brilliant 2012! Xx. Holly


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