25 Dec 2011

( Merry Christmas to all )

It's Christmas! I am so excited... I hope you all have a wonderful day

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  1. Hope you're having a great holiday!

  2. Merry Christmas from the Netherlands to you Stuart!!! We have 2 christmasdays;).... HO HO HO!


  3. Merry Christmas to the both of you :) xx

  4. Merry★Christmas and many happy days to you Stuart

  5. Hey there Mr W!
    I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas (actually still are!) with your family.
    It is so nice to have read your Christmas post over at my blog because now I am able to picture you surrounded by family at your parents' house.

    We watched 'Home Alone' again yesterday and the kids were laughing out loud. It will for ever more remind me of you! :)

    Darling, I wish you the best for the remainder of the year and a fabulous start to 2012.
    I am closing shop until January when I have exited the 'food coma' I am currently in.. Mamma Mia!

    All the best and warm hugs from Sweden!

    xx Charlotta


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