11 Sep 2011

( great soho loft )

I really love what horror movie director Marcus Nispel has done with this loft conversion. Originally an old factory, this successfully renovated space looks wonderful. The 20ft high bookshelf is a great feature and gives this space real drama and grandeur. I am a huge fan of the flying-saucer-like pendant lights in the first image. The overall look throughout the property is a very successful mix of vintage rustic combined with modern eclectic, which I am a huge fan of anyway. It can be done very badly... but in this case... it works brilliantly.

Images via Loft Life Magazine


  1. Stuart... yet another great post. you are one of my favourite bloggers. Every post you do is amazing... a great design eye. I would love to see some of your professional work. I bet it's great.
    Louise x

  2. Thank you Louise, that is really really sweet of you. If you drop me an e-mail I will show you some work from my portfolio.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  3. gah!! drool! I may have to re-post this beauty

  4. That first picture has been drooled over in my style files many-o-times, but I hadn't seen the full suite until now. I adore this place and agree on the mix of elements - done so well here!

    x Charlotta

  5. Charlotta, I couldn't agree more! I saw the first picture a while ago too, but when i found the others, I just had to do a post on it!!! I want to live there... if we club together out savings, we may beable to buy it, hehehehe.
    Stu :)

  6. Jacquelyn, I completely drooled all over my laptop when I found it too, hehehehe. Go for the re-post baby! Please spread the word of this stunning loft apartment. have a great week hun.
    Stu x

  7. AMAZING! I would sell my soul to the devil for this place.


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