2 Sep 2011

( friday's palette - burgundy, blue & earth tones )

Something lovely for Friday... 
I'm really really enjoying sharing my favourite colour combinations with you all, so have decided to make it a weekly feature. Every Friday I will create a new colour palette based on an image I love, whether it be an interior image, a painting, or an object.
This morning, I was lucky enough to find this great image below. I really love the vase on its own, but the composition of the deep rich red in the petal with the vase on a natural wooden table, really makes this image exciting. I hope you like this weeks palette. Please click on the palette to enlarge. Have a great weekend :)

Image via: Brown Dress with White Dots
Colour Palette: By Me


  1. Just discovered your blog and thank you very much for such an inspiring collection of home decor ideas! Love your taste!

  2. Thank you. I'm so glad you like my blog :)
    Have a great weekend


Thank you so much for your comment. I will try to respond to any comments and questions as soon as I can. Happy viewing :)

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