8 Sep 2011

( black & white kitchen )

Loving this black and white kitchen. Great mix of rustic interior shell perfectly housing a very clean lined kitchen unit. Great contrast done very well. Really lovely kitchen products in the second picture too. I love unusual shaped kitchen accessories. I've also added another images of a tea pot and cup from a previous post ( favourites from marjon hoogervorst ) :)

Images via Design Shimmer


  1. Ah that raw brick wall, and the beautiful black. Such great contrast.

  2. Oh la la laaa. Love this kitchen. Feels like a wonderful 'blank canvas' to fill (selectively and carefully of course) with life and personality.
    There is something so appealing with distressed brick walls and iron cast windows, don't you think..!?

    Hard to tear away from your lovely blog. Am so glad you lead me here.

    x C

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