14 Oct 2011

( friday's palette - orange, grey blue and timber )

Your Friday Colour Palette...
Whilst looking at one of my favourite blogs, Desire to Inspire, I came across these images below by photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes, and styled by Jo Atkins-Hughes. I really love the mood in this property. 'A few well chosen pieces of furniture and new accessories, touches of new colour, warm timber tones have added a life and a warmth to an already amazing house.'
I just had to do this weeks colour palette on these warm and cozy colour combinations :)

Image via:
1 - Desire to Inspire
2 - 
Palette by me
3 - Desire to Inspire


  1. An obsidian wall is just so, gorge!

  2. its beautiful isn't it.... so warm! :)

  3. Hello Mr W and happy weekend to you.

    Love this place - sexy and stylish all at the same time.

    Desire to Inspire is fabulous. An old time fave of mine too.

    x C


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