18 Nov 2011

( heart home magazine and me )

Thank you so much to my talented and lovely friends over at Heart Home Magazine for asking me to do a weekly post on their wonderful blog. I was so honored when I was asked by them. My First post for them went live today at 5:00pm, so please go over and take a look... I'm so excited! My first post for them is titled 'Chalet Chic - Inspiration for a cozy home' - I hope you like it! This post is dedicated to those who love that cozy Christmas chalet feel... we can all dream! hehehe. Just imagine yourself under a lovely fluffy blanket in these amazing spaces. There are plenty more like this in the link above.

Also joining the Heart Home family are these beautiful and talented lovelies:

Each of us will all be writing weekly for the re-vamped Heart Home Magazine Blog.
It's great to be part of the Heart Home Family - Thank you Heart Home :)


  1. congratulations, and I will go over and have a look! Could use some chalet/christmasfeeling;)!

  2. Hey Lynda, I hope you like them... they warmed me up :)

  3. wow to the wilson! I've just spent nearly an hour on here and I have to say that your blog is one of my all time favourites. It's so fresh and your posts are delightful. Going to follow you on twitter and facebook to.
    Thank you

  4. Congrats! This is so exciting! Heart Home blog is lucky to have you ;)

  5. Holly, thank you for your kind words... but I'm the lucky one. It's a such a fantastic magazine and blog! The Heart Home family are all so talented as well as being lovely people.


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