19 Nov 2011

( colour palette - burgundy, cream and grey )

Your Friday Saturday Colour Palette...
I hope you are all enjoying your weekend? 
I first came across the image of the bike when I was looking for some inspiration this morning. The contrast between the burgundy body of this bike and the cream walls, is just so tasty! Finding a second image to support the bike image was quite difficult, but I eventually found this lovely bed... hooray! I just love the simplicity of the frame and the richness of the burgundy bedding!
Please see your weekly inspired colour palette, between these lovely inspirational photos.

Images via:
1, 2 & 4 - Now and Then
3 - Palette by me


  1. You are so good at this ;) Btw, love the new blog header too.

  2. Thank you sweetie. I do love finding inspiration and doing my colour palettes, hehehe. Hope you're having a great weekend. Stu x


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