14 Feb 2012

( happy valentines day )

Just wanted to say a very simple... Happy Valentines Day to you all.
Hope you get those lovely flowers you have been expecting ;) I'll leave you with some lovely 'lovey dovey' images. Don't forget to say those three magic words to that very special person in your life... I'm sure you won't forget! hehehe.

... a warm hug (lots of them)

... a cuddle in the sun

... road trips with the one you love

... perfect calmness

... laughter

... play time

... being silly

... supporting each other passions, no matter how different they are

... a tender kiss

... eternal affection

Images via:
1/2 - Brown Dress with White Dots
3/11 - My Pinterest


  1. Happy Valentine's Day, Stuart! Thank you for sharing those lovely images that give us a snapshot of the day! Perfect.

  2. you are more than welcome. Hope you all have a lovely romantic day! x

  3. Hope, you have a lovely Valentine's day, Stuart.
    And Thanks for your beautiful blog, I finally discovered - as every visit here just inspires me very much.

  4. adorable! this definitely made me smile today x kat


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