8 Dec 2011

( another beautiful aspen home )

Whilst at the Gatwick Airport last week, I came was drawn to this months cover image of Architectural Digest. Another beautiful Aspen Home, Colorado!!!! I did a post about an Aspen Home a few weeks ago which is still one of my favourite posts. What sets this home apart from the previous Aspen Home I wrote about, is the use of natural materials in the main structure of the property.
This 20-year-old vacation home was recently renovated by Californian based design firm at Atelier AM who have renovated it with so much thought, care and attention. The beautiful and natural timbers frame the views from the main reception room perfectly. I love the black kitchen the most :)

Images via Architectural Digest


  1. I dont know what exactly you are looking for or what your style is but if you want a good reference for modern/casual small house decor you should check home2decor.com.

  2. It is such a beautiful house!
    Love Atelier AM (they made my top 3 from AD top 100 Special Issue).
    Great use of materials and the space. The view is incredible and I love how they have highlighted it within the structure.
    Thanks for a great post and a great blog!

  3. Anna - Im a huge fan of your blog... you have a fantastic eye! And I totally agree that Atelier AM are Great designers and most definitely one of my personal favourites :)
    Stu x

  4. woooooaaaaaahhhh...can't we..uhm...YOU just arrange a fieldtrip to one of those???:)

    I'M IN!!!!:)

  5. Lets do it hehehehehe. Bring your sledge :) x

  6. I <3 snow!!! *bouncing*.....I'll even bring cookies!!!

  7. Oh wow, no need to mention how much I love wood in interiors, right? Plus can I go NOW there??? Great!!

  8. I really want to go skiing now! Incredible! That first picture with the wooden beams... Perfection!


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