6 Dec 2011

( my adventures in pictures - scottish highlands )

Fun & Inspirations...
Where do I start... What a fantastic weekend with the family! I went up to the Highlands of Scotland this weekend for my Auntie's Birthday which was on the Saturday. It was fantastic to see all of the Wilson and Main side of the family all under one roof... Nobody parties like the Scottish :)
Sunday was spent relaxing all day nursing our hangovers, hehehe...

Monday was INCREDIBLE... My Dad took me to Findochty, a tiny fishing village in Moray, Scotland. It's one of the most beautiful place I've seen. Findochty is where my Dad was born and raised, and he wanted to teach and show me all about his childhood there. He has told me all the stories of his lovely upbringing throughout my life, but he could tell me these stories a million times and I would never get bored! To actually visualise these stories in this magical fishing village was incredible and very emotional. 
The Cullen Skink (A Traditional Fish Soup from Cullen which is the village next to Findochty) in the pub was amazing, but not as good as my Dads.
Thank you Dad for a wonderful day there. Lets go back again soon :) 
I really hope you all enjoy looking at these photos as much as I did taking them. 

Leaving This Morning...

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Photos taken by me 


  1. Hi Stu, cuz Jen here, stumbled across your blog recently and am loving it! Love your Scottish photo's as well, the Highlands of Scotland is one of the most dramatic and beautiful places in the world and if I get my wish, I'll be living up there one day, Jen x

  2. Hey me fav cuz :) Glad you like the blog. Jen, I had a fab weekend up north... was lovely to catch up with the Wilson clan. Do you know what jen, I didn't want to leave! Inverness, Elgin, and especially Findochty are beautiful! The day spent with Dad in Findochty was amazing! I could have spend forever there. If you move up there, I'll be your lodger! hehehe. Hows the family? I canny wait to see Milly. I bet shes getting really big now isnt she.
    looking forward to seeing you soon

  3. I know you are very into your nature and you should do a tour of the highlands, Iain and I have been to many places and places you should go are, Isle of Mull, Isle of Skye, Glencoe, Loch Ness. Autumn time is the best time to go, you get some amazing skys and amazing colours. Look forward to you next batch of photo's, Jen x

  4. Darling what a wonderful and moving post. I can sense the strong bond between you and your dad. I bet he enjoyed telling the stories and showing you, as much as you enjoyed listening & seeing.
    Passing on memories and sharing treasured snippets of life is what it's all about isn't it.

    Glad you had such a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs from Sweden.

    xx C

  5. Charlotta - Thank you lovey... It really was a day I will treasure for ever. As my Dad told me that day... 'Its so important to pass down family stories and memories to the next generation'. I will definitely be taking my future kids and grand kids there. x

  6. Jen - I do need to go exploring more... I really love to get lost in amazing placed like this! That's my new years rezo... to explore the UK more! We have breathtaking places here on our doorstep! Thanks for the advice on where to go... I really want to do the Lake District too :)

  7. Oh my, I MUST go to Scotland very soon. These pics are fab!!!!!!! Well done, Stu! Igor xoxo

  8. The photos you took of the woods are SO great! Love them :) I'm in Edinburgh at the moment and I just love it! x

  9. Lovely place indeed, the picture from Findochty harbour is beautiful and with the raising of temperatures here in Buenos Aires I found the last picture quite refreshing ;) ... I'm a winter person...

  10. Wow, what amazing images! Absolutely breathtaking

  11. Love Love Love your images...just stunning!
    Great blog!

  12. Igor - You have to go... Its stunning :)
    Will - Have a great time in Edinburgh :)
    Romy - Thank you for the compliment... what are the chances of getting snow in Buenos Aires, hehehehe ;)
    Katrina - Thank you lovey :) Its even more breathtaking in reality :)
    Anna - Thank you for your kind works... I adore your blog :)

  13. These are great. Love the pics of the woods... Really really gorgeous! :)


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